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What's cooking at Calista
  On 4 December, Calista's motto for the day was "Ready, cookie, start!" All day long, we were busy kneading, baking and decorating our cookies. The room was filled with the luscious scent of vanilla, oranges, nuts and chocolate, Christmas was in the air. View our best snapshots of the day here: Making Of.

Why not try out Calista's recipes yourself.

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Push mail for everyone
  For the first time, Calista's "MOBILE MAIL" provides a very simple method to receive emails automatically on all standard models of mobile phones. A comfort which has so far been reserved to the owners of expensive smartphones. This new mail service is easy to install, as easy to operate as SMS and during the beta phase, it is even free!

(300 dpi)
(300 dpi)
(300 dpi)

An a par with iPhone & Co.

"MOBILE MAIL" provides a top modern user interface and a clear navigation concept which is on a par with iPhone & Co. The audience jury came to the same conclusion at the "Mobile Monday Award 2009" and Calista was awarded this prize.

Full cost control and easy operation

In the current beta phase, you may use "MOBILE MAIL" free of charge. For the required data connection, costs may incur according to the tariffs of your network operator. To ensure that these costs are as low as possible, "MOBILE MAIL" transfers data in accordance with the "Load-On-Demand" principle. This means that only the email's header data (sender, date, subject) is loaded to the mobile and the other data will only be loaded when the user opens the message for reading purposes. Messages and attachments are optimized (Server) before they are transferred. For example, a holiday snap of several MBs is reduced to a few KB and displayed in full size. Doing so reduces the amount of data and increases the transfer rate.

Free test offer

"MOBILE MAIL" is now available for download under in German and English. If you like, you may set up an existing email account online for "MOBILE MAIL" and use Push Mail even more comfortably.

Even more features soon

Users of "MOBILE MAIL" may look forward to new functions. Soon, everyone may set up their Push-Mail service individually and determine the senders which trigger a message or the weekdays or times of the day on which they want to be informed. Furthermore, it will soon be possible to create snaps directly in the application and send them as attachments. Access to the mobile's internal address book will make easy to address emails even more quickly.

New Android smartphone for Red Bull MOBILE
  Red Bull MOBILE starts Christmas savings with a red-hot Android Smartphone. Outside and inside, the RBM2 shows the Red Bull MOBILE style and of course, it provides Calista's Community Client which may be used to load snaps or videos directly to the Red Bull MOBILE Community. For the first time, Calista’s product portfolio includes an application for the Android platform.

Buy RBM2 online:– this website provides more information about tariffs and Christmas savings.

New look for
  This online dating agency got a new look and feel. Improved matching results make the chances to find the perfect partner even better. The mobile application has also been renewed.

The clear structure and the fresh and modern design of make it even more pleasant and comfortable to search for a partner online. Easy handling and the new attractive optical impression intend to attract especially sophisticated women between 25 and 45 to search partners online.

For the relaunch, we placed special emphasis on the user profiles of to users' needs, we have extended the profile data. While privacy is protected, matching results have even been improved.

Mobile version of

Already since 2006, Calista has been offering a suitable mobile application for the mobile partner search. Simply create a profile, specify the characteristics of your preferred partner and mobile will supply the most suitable partner profiles including a picture directly to your mobile.

Singles who want to find a partner quickly may book the function "Flirter of the day and present themselves for a whole day on the start page of Mobile's visitor alert informs its users via SMS about people who visited their profiles. The mobile version of also provides a chat function and aplenty of dating offers. You may either directly register your mobile under or enter you phone number in the internet under


Calista develops a mobile client for the aonTV MediaBox
  Telekom Austria's aonTV MediaBox focuses on the intelligent networking of terminals. The costfree function "My media" creates a completely new connection between digital devices, thus providing multimedia fun also for your mobile phone.

Open your own pictures, videos or music with your mobile while you are on the way even if your home PC is down. You may even release and pass on this data to the mobiles of your friends.

Calista puts a great deal of emphasis on supporting all well-known phone models and optimal user guidance. After all, Grandma should also be able to view the pictures of her grandchildren on her mobile without having to ask for help.

You may enjoy your preferred music or even a whole movie while your are on the way. This is possible because media data is converted to the corresponding mobile formats beforehand.

Get further information here

Award for MOBILE MAIL on the Mobile Monday Demo Night in Vienna
On June 22, Mobile Monday Austria set the stage for innovative companies, creative start ups and savvy engineers to present their mobile services to the Mobile Monday community in the Museum of Natural History, Vienna.

Out of 26 applicants, 12 finalists, among whom was MOBILE MAIL by Calista, had the opportunity to introduce their mobile service in 4 short minutes. MOBILE MAIL clearly asserted itself against the competition, among which were qando and tripwolf, and was awarded second place by the jury and the audience during the SMS voting. Winner of the evening was Wikitude by Mobilizy.

In autumn, MOBILE MAIL will get a chance to fight for a spot at the 2010 Mobile Monday Peer Awards in Barcelona together with the other winners.


With MOBILE MAIL reading and sending e-mails on your mobile phone is now easier than ever. On top of that, it looks great and it's free! We think that modern user interfaces should not be reserved to owners of state-of-the-art mobile phones and that many residential customers could easily do without some complicated features.
You don't need a new mobile phone or a new e-mail address to use MOBILE MAIL - just use your existing account (e.g. Yahoo, Gmail, GMX,...). In order to keep an eye on your budget, MOBILE MAIL only downloads messages which you actually read and scales down attached pictures. This way, possible data costs are kept to a minimum and performance is enhanced.

How can I get MOBILE MAIL?

MOBILE MAIL is available for free as a beta verison on the website
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