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Calista ContentCommunity! turns your cell phone into a mobile broadcasting station. Capture your heroic moment on the mountain top. During less exciting times, report back from your comfortable couch expedition or the daily feeding of your predatory house cat.

Share your snapshots of current events with the Mobile Content Community. Other users can tune into your program, comment on it, rate it and discuss it with other users in the mobile chat.


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  Key Features      
"In live chatrooms, the live ticker posts links to brand-new user generated content automatically."
  Your benefits, our service      
"As full-managed service provider, we do the hard work for you: hosting, validation & categorization of content, community control, software & feature updates, adaption to new mobile devices, billing, customer care,..."
  Best Practice
Calista's easy-to-use software for mobile picture and video upload sends the new Red Bull MOBILE Community soaring. The Red Bull MOBILE Community client by Calista has been pre-installed on every Red Bull MOBILE cell phone. The modern user interface design makes the java programme especially easy to handle. The user can either choose suitable snapshots from already existing media or create a new picture/video of current events. The live broadcast of each user is uploaded to the web community without any quality losses. The user decides which content can be seen, rated and commented on by friends and other community members.


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