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YOUR Mobile Solution
  Our mobile solutions allow your customers or employees to access current information or personalized content everywhere and anytime.

We create customized solutions for you - companies and organisations of all industries. We show you how you can benefit from the new mobile interaction channel.


  Our mobile solutions are waiting for you!      
  WAP Solutions
Our WAP solutions are wireless, on-the-go information, interaction and entertainment channels. Use text, picture, video or sound! We develop your mobile multimedia offer together with you.
  J2ME Solutions
A mobile phone or PDA, which is equipped with new and powerful J2ME applications, lets you enjoy all the benefits of a wirelesss Internet connection. Our J2ME solutions offer similarity with the computer in terms of features and appearance which makes a simple task such as reading or writing e-mails on a mobile phone a natural activity.
  SMS Solutions
Do you want to advertise your product with an SMS contest? Do you want to know when you receive a new e-mail? Do you need to be notified if your IT infrastructur fails? The 160 characters of an SMS can be used for various purposes.
  GPS Solutions
Our GPS solutions turn your mobile phone into a constant companion in all circumstances. Off the road, your phone shows you the way during hiking trails.
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