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Our J2ME solutions offer similiarity with the computer in terms of features and design. Subsequently, a simple task, such as reading and writing private e-mails on a mobile phone, turns into a natural activity.

Java-midlets on mobile phones use GPRS/UMTS to communicate with your Internet server. This kind of wireless communication forms the basis for numerious intelligent applications.

"Wayfinder Outdoor and Wayfinder SpeedAlert have been developed by Calista for the company wayfinder."
Wayfinder Outdoor Wayfinder SpeedAlert
  Ares of application      
GPS Applications
Our GPS solutions turn your mobile phone into a constant companion in all circumstances. During a hike, a map shows you the way. During a drive, your mobile phone warns against hazard zones and speed limits.
Mobile office applications (e.g. e-mail, calendar, addressbook)
Intelligent information systems
Multiplayer games
System administration via mobile phones
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