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Our successful mobile applications such as MobileChat!, MobileFlirt! and MobileMail! are based on Calista's mobile platform!

The mobile platform, which is exclusively used and developed by Calista, is a robust, scalable and reliable framework. It allows for flexible and fast developement of high-quality mobile applications.


Your benefits
The mobile platform allows to quickly respond to new market trends. Prototyping of new applications is handled in a very short period of time because the platform successfully handles typical, cost-intensive obstacles, such as multi-channel support and device recognition, of mobile applications. You save costs and greatly reduce risks by outsourcing applications to Calista. Our well-trained experts host and maintain numerous applications based on our mobile platform.
  8 Strengths of Calista’s mobile platform

multi-channel Support
You decide which mobile channels ideally fit your requirements: WAP, PML, J2ME, SMS, PDA, Web or Teletext!

  Device recognition
The heart of our platform is a huge, continuously extended database on all major mobile devices containing information on screen size, deck size, color capability, supported standards and many other details. Subsequently, our mobile applications produce the optimum output for each mobile device based on this information.

  optimum output for different displays  
  Multi-language support
We are able to offer our applications in every language because we consistently separate all language-secific elements from the application logic. Multilingual applications are also possible.

  Real-time configuration
System restarts are no longer necessary. The administrator changes parameters during the runtime of the application, thereby avoiding expensive late night activities.

  real-time configuration  
  Real-time monitoring and logging
You can observe how many users are currently online and then easily determine periods of high und low usage. Login data can be used for billing purposes. Web-based monitoring tools prepare the data in daily, weekly or monthly views for each channel individually.

  real-time monitoring  

Billing interface
The billing interface simplifies charging your customers for using your mobile service. We can either integrate your external billing solution or you can simply use the billing information collected for you by our mobile platform.

  billing interface  
  Robust, scalable, reliable
Suns’ J2EE technology and its component-based model simplify the development of web-based applications. The J2EE platform manages the infrastructure and supports web services in order to allow for the development of robust, scalable and reliable business applications.

  robust, scalable, reliable  
  Video/Image processing
Create and view photo and video galleries on your mobile phone! Our video and imaging solutions are already in usage on numerous mobile platforms.
  video/image processing  
  Technical platform
Another cost-reducing factor is the technical platform which is required for mobile applications based on Calista's mobile platform. Due to the nature of J2EE, there are almost no restrictions to the server platform. Applications run together with all operating systems supporting Sun’s J2EE technology.
  If you host your application yourself, you will normally use your existing server environment. Even large applications do not require more than a Linux distribution by SuSE or Red Hat with its preinstalled tomcat software and mySQL database, for instance.      
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