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Do you want to advertise your product with an SMS contest? Do you want to know when you receive a new e-mail? Do you need to be notified if your IT infrastructur fails?

The 160 characters of an SMS can be used for various purposes. The Calista SMS Server is able to process approximately 12,000 SMS per hour.
SMS Solutions
Radio on Air System Watch Monitoring Lottery

Which song is playing on the radio? is your Internet server still up and running? What's the current traffic load on your server? Use lotteries to effectively advertise your product.
  Possibilities for SMS  
"You can either offer your service free of charge or via Premium SMS."
  Free SMS service for Internet portals    
  Order ringtones, wallpapers, games via SMS    
  Interactive SMS services (e.g. lotteries, votings,...)    
  Automatic SMS services (e.g. reminders, information services,...)    
  Best Practice
On behalf of via donau, a mobile application was developed which observes the water level of the Danube and automatically raises alarm via SMS. Subsequently, imminent floodings of the Danube are detected early on.
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