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Wayfinder Outdoor turns a mobile phone into a personal copilot on hiking trails or in mountainous regions. Hikers, mountain bikers, runners and other recreational athletes can access maps of trails on their cell phones, plan walking-tours of their own at home or follow predetermined hiking trails.


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  During the hike, Wayfinder Outdoor records the walking-tour via GPS and collects detailed statistical data on altitude difference, covered distance, energy consumption, etc. At the push of a button, the generated report, which can be used to monitor one's degree of fitness, is sent via e-mail.
  The walking-tour itself can be repeated at any time or viewed on a computer (e.g. with Google Earth) via GPX standard.      
  Wayfinder Outdoor can be used on a variety of java-enabled cell phones by Sony Ericsson and Nokia. The application works with Bluetooth GPS-receivers as well as mobile phones with integrated GPS.  

works with bluetooth GPS-receivers

  Austrian-Swedish project cooperation
Wayfinder Outdoor was jointly developed by four partners, all of whom are among the best in their respective field of activity: Calista, Austria's specialist for mobile J2ME applications and responsible for the software development of Wayfinder Outdoor, Freytag & Berndt, Austria's leading supplier of maps of hiking trails, Wayfinder, Sweden's number one supplier of GPS services and mobilkom austria, Austria's biggest mobile network operator.
  Innovation demands flexibility
As it turned out, the development of Wayfinder Outdoor, which started in April 2006, was a step into uncharted territories. Similar products could merely provide inspiration. For this reason, end-users were involved at an early stage of development with the help of friendly customer tests. As a consequence, Wayfinder Outdoor needed to be changed dramatically several times during development in order to meet the different requirements of the target group. This form of innovation management demands a high degree of flexibility during software development. No problem for Calista! After all, the common goal is to achieve the best result even if that requires extra work sometimes.
  flexiblity in software development  
  Technical challenges
Mobile phones have small displays. Subsequently, all maps of trails were edited accordingly to ensure maximum readability. Mobile networks are fallible, especially in mountainous regions. As a consequence, the application was devised to remain fully functional at all times even in areas without network coverage.

  small displays
  Furthermore, a mobile application like Wayfinder Outdoor needs to be easy to handle for everyone. However, the target group is made up of several small groups, all of which have different requirements. Hikers, runners, mountain bikers and drivers of snowmobiles (our target group from the far north) need different features. Due to numerous improvements, Wayfinder Outdoor continued to grow which in turn called for dramatic user interface changes in order to achieve the best result in terms of usability.

  easy usage  
  Apart from ease of usage, performance is crucial. Each tenth of a second was scrutinized by the testers. There were no excuses even though map data is loaded via UMTS in the background while GPS data is received and approximately 15 statistical parameters are calculated at the same time.   performance  
  Field day for Calista
The functionality of Wayfinder Outdoor was thoroughly tested by Calista during development. In reality, this meant hiking, hiking and hiking. The longest test hike lasted 7 hours and was completed by employee Oliver Koppensteiner in the summer of 2007. Apart from that, other hiking aficionados at Calista went on various walking-tours, at the end of which they gave valuable feedback.
  test walking-tours  
  Launch at A1
Wayfinder Outdoor was integrated into the existing “A1 Navi Package” of mobilkom austria Ltd., Austria’s biggest mobile network operator.
  Wayfinder Outdoor
for A1 customers
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