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Maximize cloud data warehouse usage in the business domain of Tourism / Operations

OnPremise SSAS installation and PowerBI. Excel SSAS and new data. Many new data sources. Many data driven projects. To reconcile all this means to climb to a new level. To succeed with a scalable approach in cloud data warehousing with simultaneous office integration was the customer's mission!

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Big data governance in strategic toursim

Address training priorities and propose measures up to hands-on training and hands-on support for AI/ML/PowerBI - methods (Azure, Knime, PowerBI, Tooling, Processes, eLearning).

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Tomorrows guest predictions as a strategic source

We used an approach based on mobile phone data in Vienna and an approach using existing data sources from Statistics Austria such as an extensive set of additive data to train our models to achieve a 3-month forecast for Vienna's arrivals and overnight stays.

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Tourism guidedance by AI - the best recommendation in town

What tourist attraction can be recommended to a tourist as the next destination? We were on the trail of this question with the customer.

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Tomorrows bookings for Tourism

The client wanted to explore the possibility of using transactional data to train a predictive model that could estimate visitor density based on the market of origin.

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