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Tourism guidedance by AI - the best recommendation in town

What tourist attraction can be recommended to a tourist as the next destination? We were on the trail of this question with the customer.

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Tomorrows bookings for Tourism

The client wanted to explore the possibility of using transactional data to train a predictive model that could estimate visitor density based on the market of origin.

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Getting the money in time - Logistics

Pickup orders for packaging units with simultaneous forecasting of the quantity of contents based on operational data for two weeks in advance for more than 8000 pickups predictable.

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Placing an order

Forecast total customer demand and orders for change based on operational data for several months for 5000 locations.

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"A Stony Road" - Deep Learning Based Approach for Information Extraction with only a few Training Documents

In this article we present an Artificial Intelligence application on information extraction under the paradigm of less training data. In the specific case, data (offers, documents, photos, emails) from the real estate industry were processed. However, the presented solution can also be trained and used for any other information from completely different industries with little effort.

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