• AI Projects with practical Experience


Automated selection and news aggregation for business reporting

The client recognized our potential in handling large volumes of text and engaged us to achieve a savings as part of their customer-facing aggregation of media articles.

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Maximize cloud data warehouse usage in the business domain of Tourism / Operations

OnPremise SSAS installation and PowerBI. Excel SSAS and new data. Many new data sources. Many data driven projects. To reconcile all this means to climb to a new level. To succeed with a scalable approach in cloud data warehousing with simultaneous office integration was the customer's mission!

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Be the first on the story on a global scale in News/Media

We support a globally operating news/editorial system provider in keeping its news up-to-date for the editor's workstation.

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Big data governance in strategic toursim

Address training priorities and propose measures up to hands-on training and hands-on support for AI/ML/PowerBI - methods (Azure, Knime, PowerBI, Tooling, Processes, eLearning).

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Only the business-partner counts (not only) in the business domain of RealEstate

Proof for merging accounts receivable/accounts payable data as part of a system migration from SAP R3 to SAP S4/Hana.

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