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Automated selection and news aggregation for business reporting

The client recognized our potential in handling large volumes of text and engaged us to achieve a savings as part of their customer-facing aggregation of media articles.

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Be the first on the story on a global scale in News/Media

We support a globally operating news/editorial system provider in keeping its news up-to-date for the editor's workstation.

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Maximize extraction coverage in the business domain of RealEstate / Startup

Read all essential contract elements on scanned contracts. Specialization in purchase and lease contracts under Austrian law.

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Frame for the media in national news and media

Text and context is a concern for us. We know exactly how to make the content of documents assessable without ontologies. With this we have created an approach to media resonance analysis with a powerful partner

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"A Stony Road" - Deep Learning Based Approach for Information Extraction with only a few Training Documents

In this article we present an Artificial Intelligence application on information extraction under the paradigm of less training data. In the specific case, data (offers, documents, photos, emails) from the real estate industry were processed. However, the presented solution can also be trained and used for any other information from completely different industries with little effort.

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