• AI Projects with practical Experience


Only the business-partner counts (not only) in the business domain of RealEstate

Proof for merging accounts receivable/accounts payable data as part of a system migration from SAP R3 to SAP S4/Hana.

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Maximize extraction coverage in the business domain of RealEstate / Startup

Read all essential contract elements on scanned contracts. Specialization in purchase and lease contracts under Austrian law.

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Lighthouse AI in Corporate Real Estate

In the company there are data sources whose treasure wants to be lifted. We evaluate processes to achieve an improvement with AI methods.

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Insights in general ledger for real estate business

Coupling between SAP and BIM system. We create the accuracy in the DIN booking key in the construction information system that it needs, starting from a general contractor invoice.

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Crunch real estate offers for international Development

In order to provide development in construction investment with suitable offers more quickly, an AI-based preliminary decision (analysis platform) is to be used to achieve a significant decision throughput with the same personnel.

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