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Act for data driven for a national tourist office

Act for data driven for a national tourist office

Project Profile

To be data driven and act data driven. The customer wants a change to harden the processes, people and skills for the upcoming demands of data analysis, be predictive and be prescriptive. We guided him through the profess of definition and started the initialization of the needed changes.

At a glance - essential project data

DurationFrom 12/1/2019 to 2/28/2020 with about 2 months of full engagement Actual Status: DEFINE Needs
Data and ToolsMarket - Tourism
 • Azure Piplines
 • Burst/Adverity
 • SAP Sharepoint
 • Change process in IT
Integration often the results in a company wide change process to be more data driven at all.
AI MethodsData & Process Consulting

Engagement Use-Case

Development of a data-driven organization (paradigms, processes, roles, technology) for company-wide change process incl. inputs for individual structural elements

Client motivation / Solution aims

  • Establish governance and compliance in the enterprise-wide handling of data

  • Increase maturity level of the organization in dealing with data

AI Approach

AI key technology used in our solutionExploring the potential of the Data-Driven Organization (DDO) by realigning the organization (advertising/story) and bringing benefits
Solution Approach • DAMA Guidance
 • BigData strategies - best of breed
 • ML-OPS processes - best of breed
 • SSAG (start small, act global)
 • Approach Analytics processes
Project ApproachSimply agile
Project TypeProject
ML Integration and ML Operations • Operation Integration - Ask the IT!
 • Change Process - Process Charts
 • VIsualizationPowrBI / SSAS
 • Change Process

Insights and Details

To formulate the needed processes for data management you have to look inside DAMA Book.