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Be the first on the story on a global scale in News/Media

Be the first on the story on a global scale in News/Media

Project Profile

We support a global news/editorial system provider in keeping their news up to date for the editor's workstation.

At a glance - essential project data

DurationFrom 9/1/2020 to 12/30/2020 with about 4 months of full engagement
Data and ToolsMarket - News/Media
 • Different media databases
 • SocialMedia
 • 20,000 messages per hour
Integration • Web API for metadata enrichment with model generated data Quality
 • Coupling with customer systems for continuous transfer to and from our models
 • Approx. 100 Installations and Models worldwide / 2000 Users
AI Methods • NLP
 • ML
 • Topic Modeling

Engagement Use-Case

Display upcoming topics by screening social media/global news content.

Client motivation / Solution aims

  • Efficient finding of stories

  • Sift through events despite information noise in social media

  • Be the first on the story!

AI Approach

AI key technology used in our solutionTrack changing topics over time.
Solution ApproachNLP (English) LDA
Project ApproachSimply agile
Project TypeOperations/ML Ops
ML Integration and ML Operations • Operations Integration API
 • Azure / Docker
 • VIsualizationAPI

Insights and Details

Automated theme clouds for automated theme feature

Fully automated API for customer installation (100 installations worldwide / approx. 2000 seats)