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Crunch real estate offers for international Development

Crunch real estate offers for international Development

Project Profile

In order to provide the development in the construction investment faster with suitable offers, a significant decision throughput with the same personnel is to be achieved via an AI-based pre-decision (analysis platform). Our approach: the analysis platform with AI-based pre-processing.

At a glance - essential project data

DurationFrom 11/1/2017 to 3/1/2018 with about 4 months of full engagement
Data and ToolsMarket - RealEstate
 • PDF-Files (ca. 3000 documents)
 • Identification of the necessary detail informatione from the contracts
 • Supervised trained Agent
IntegrationWeb API for metadata enrichment with model-generated data
AI Methods • NLP
 • DeepLearning
 • Data Consulting
 • Strategic Advisory

Engagement Use-Case

AI based reading of detailed information in real estate offers (DE) and complete form-free mapping of documents.

Kundenmotivation / Lösungsansätze

  • Efficient recognition of information in documents

  • Increase the degree of pre-processing for subsequent manual evaluation

AI Approach

AI key technology used in our solutionLittle training material by using a language model rule-based tagging heuristics for result interpretation
Solution Approach • NLP(German)
 • Individualized Word Model
 • Lemmatizing
 • Entity Recognition
 • Supervised Labeling Platform
Project ApproachSimply Agile
Project TypeProject
ML Integration and ML Operations • Operation Integration API
 • VIsualizationAPI

Insights and Details

Supervised Labelling Platform - seamless integration Training Cases, Editor and Labelling

As an example a sales contract for information retrieval for the sales contract information

Approach to the analysis platform as a design prototype for a development decision platform

Approach to the aquise platform as a design prototype for a development decision platform